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Manual lymphatic drainage

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Manual lymphatic drainage has an excellent recovery, detoxification, regeneration, relaxation and cosmetic effects. It is a special hand-carried equipment, like a massage. Soft touch releases lymph nodes and shift the flow of lymph (lymphatic fluid). First of all nodes in the neck, emptied and then we can continue to drain the body or just focus on some parts touches are accurate, which is the advantage of being manual lymphatic drainage, compared with the instrument. Lymph away from tissues and other waste substances flowing through the lymph nodes and returns the filtered blood circulation. If the lymphatic system is overloaded and damaged, lymph accumulates in the skin, it can not flow well and the resulting swelling. Encouraging the lymphatic system, greatly assist the body in other cases.

Manual lymphatic drainage and its effects:
strengthen immunity and detoxification of the body, treatment of edema, treatment of cellulite and promoting weight loss, improve skin elasticity, acne, poliposukční care, heavy legs syndrome - relieves stress and pain after varicose vein surgery, wound healing, in women over 35 years is appropriate to prevent swelling

Absolute contraindications:
in the course of cancer, acute viral and bacterial diseases, acute inflammation of the veins, thyroid hyperfunction

Before the first lymph drainage is a suitable short personal consultation, including assessment, design process, and the drainage rate. Drainages should be done repeatedly, offering discounted prices on package 4x60min, 8x60min 10x60min and manual lymphatic drainage.

Contraindications: inflammation and cancer